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Tips to Buying Jewelry From Bali – Indonesia

"Are You sure have Maximizing the quality jewelry of your merchandise during this? if not sure'' your royal customer likely will leave you slowly and choose others competitive jewelry suppliers with higher quality than your.
stop paying mo
re to your jewelry supplier!

Here tips to buying jewelry from Bali – Indonesia” it's beating your competitor jewelry if you could find right pleases supplier who give you high quality jewelry and easy to monitor your order make easy understanding between you and supplier good long relationship likely you'll quickly successfully within beating your jewelry competitor with competitive price, as your competitor does with their business expert, Specialist handmade Costume Jewelry in Bali island one famous commodity were people working to make their design own expert to provide their shop handmade jewelry it's so popular in worldwide, The most supplier selling in Bali for 99 % is handmade which have been assembled and formed by hand rather than through the use of with Indonesian craftsmen who they rich culture were so history with Archipelago expert contemporary artisan and famous by hands creative, literally thousand design of Wholesale Costume Jewelry was displayed from many kind ethnic and materials such as seashell, Cowries shell, mother of pearl, beaded, resin, wooden, bones, coconuts and much native natural models when you through to walk away along street it's
you'll find thousand shop in Bali for retail or wholesale they offer so competitive.

The most people selling in shop mostly they made to order for tourist were come to their art shop direction on request model so if you want take advantage with their products and get the right supplier to distribute your merchandise pleases here steps
to get touch with them.

Tell them about your little profile if you have interest to do business with them and would like to purchase or order if they don’t give you best price because some people in Bali they keep wholesale price if you likely just ask them instead you will get retailer price or higher than your expected.

Don't forget the notices book should be in your pocket to record from supplier information about pricing then you could be will compares with another shop it's be help you to convert as reasonable price when you decides to buy one of goods from supplier.

Try to catch the pictures with your own camera otherwise you May buy one expert samples from supplier shop if enable, for the reason some of supplier they keep design to avoid another shop to copy.

Ask them for CD design jewelry or Catalog if they have, it's will be uses for future when you need it.

If you have check the price and take around probably you could be make choice which shop or supplier interest and could be purchase or order be sure you have right pleases to order with supplier you have criteria minimum information equipment ask them for.

• good stuff oral English because some is not good it's will good feed back then make easy to understanding
• Phone Number Supplier so anytime you need you can call them
• Business card
• E-mail address it's will be uses for future when you need them to order again
• Please always ask them to make samples first if you would like to order whole

After you order probably you will need Forwarder or Cargo to send your goods order you may take advantage there also thousand of forwarder or logistic available with competitive price they offer, it's will be same term expert above as looking for the right jewelry supplier, they will be handling your goods Throughout pick up your goods order from supplier shop even shipment to your country.

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Five Tips for Buying Jewelry Wholesale

By Doron Kahana Kahana
You want to buy a piece of jewelry. Not just any old piece of jewelry will do, either. You want something different and unique. You aren't interested in some run-of-the-mill, see it in every shop and catalog item. It’s you got to be special. It’s got to be high quality. And you know it’s going to be expensive. Buying jewelry wholesale can deliver everything you are looking for unique, high quality jewelry with an added bonus a fraction of the cost of retail. So, just how do you go about buying jewelry at wholesale prices? The following five tips can get you started and well on your way to becoming a satisfied wholesale jewelry customer.

Wholesale Jewelry Buying Tip #1

You first need to find out what you have to do to qualify to buy jewelry wholesale. Sometimes a vendor’s license is required. Most times, but not always, bulk buying is a necessity. Often, you will have to deal with sellers in overseas countries. Each of these qualifications poses different challenges and hurdles to overcome.

Vendor’s licenses often come at a price. Can you afford the licensing fees? Vendors are most often required to submit tax forms every so often. Do you know what forms you need, how to properly complete them and where they should be returned? Do you have the time for forms and other paperwork? Bulk buys may not be your thing, especially if you are only searching for that perfect engagement ring or sweet sixteen gifts.

There are online suppliers that will sell single pieces, as well as jewelry fair or show vendors, but they require a bit of digging to find and contact. Do you have the time to Google through hundreds of websites to find the one that will sell you just one of whatever it is you are looking for? Many overseas vendors sell at wholesale prices. When dealing with foreign sellers, several things must be taken into consideration your pricing, currency and shipping. What currency are the prices listed? That great ring may in fact cost closer to $4000 if the price listed is £2000. How will your payment be made? Most online sellers do accept credit cards or PayPal, but there are sometimes extra charges for handling foreign your ID accounts. Lastly, consider shipping. How long will it take for your item to arrive? Can it be insured? Are the shipping charges going to negate your savings over retail prices?

Wholesale Jewelry Buying Tip #2

Once you make the decisions that wholesale buying, is in fact, for you, your next decision should be where to buy. Again, a Google search can be most helpful in finding just the right vendors for you. Notice I said vendors, not just vendor. You want to comparison shop. Find similar pieces on several sites and compare their prices, their shipping policies and prices, and their return policies. If one or two sites stand out above the rest, then you can feel assured that you will be dealing with a reputable company. Just as you wouldn’t necessarily buy that special piece of jewelry from the local con artist pawn broker, you don’t want to deal with a slick Internet snake oil salesman, either. Most quality dealers your sites will be listed with Better Business Bureaus, professional associations or other quality assuring organizations. If you aren’t familiar with a site your accreditations, perform a Google on them too. Also, be sure that you are dealing with a real your ID wholesaler. Most will ask for either your vendor’s license number, or a tax identification number. If a site doesn’t ask for these, flee as fast as you can close the site. An informed buyer is a happier buyer.

Wholesale Jewelry Buying Tip #3

Be sure that the merchandise you are buying is the real deal. Educate yourself on how jewelry is made. Plated jewelry isn’t as high a quality as vermeil jewelry, which isn’t as good as solid jewelry. Become familiar with the terminology used to describe jewelry, too. Know what vermeil is. Learn the difference between a simulated gemstone and a chemically enhanced one. Don’t be fooled by imitations or wannabes. Don’t be afraid to ask question, either. If you can’t figure out an items description in the online catalog, contact the seller. A reputable seller will reply, hopefully with an answer to your query. If not, find someone else. If you are looking for a special, unique piece, you want it to be a quality piece, not a half-priced knock-off.

Wholesale Jewelry Buying Tip #4

You have straightened out all you paperwork and become a wholesaler. You have searched out the sites that sell only quality stuff. You can spot a simulated emerald from the real thing at a hundred paces. Now, you are ready to go shopping. Don’t buy the first piece that catches your fancy. Again, comparison shop. You may be able to find the item, or something very similar available somewhere else. Maybe even retail or from an auction site. And it may just be less costly somewhere else. Don’t just compare prices, either. Compare shipping, return policies, customer ratings and feedback comments. In short, narrow down your purchase to the best possible choice. It’s a lot of facts to juggle, I know. In the end, though, all your hard work will be worth it.

Wholesale Jewelry Buying Tip #5

Find your Self at least one reputable local seller to deal with in cases of cleanings and repairs. Most wholesalers don’t offer repair services, and even the highest quality piece can suffer an unexpected break or bend. You certainly don’t want to have to pay shipping just to get your jewelry cleaned, either. A local retailer with a friendly face to go along with the service is a necessity.

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wholesale fashion jewelry

About us

At very first we would like to introduce ourselves that we are one of Jewelry and Handicraft Trading with name is 14 Jewelry our location in Bali-Indonesia we established since 2004 begin with few experience and skill and support by craftsmen were come from various background personal talent to make high Costume jewelry, Accessories, Fashion with many kind of materials from Bead, Coconuts, sea shell ,mother pearl, and others natural components, Basically our main Business is made to order, base on client request design who knows us and met direction from Bali island then they buy for wholesale in their Country from small piece even to many piece.

With traditional management we have, it’s not only enough to pessimist our spirit to be competitor with foreign business jewelry in Bali to remain thousand of jewelry shop in Bali to be competitor with various of goods jewelry come from china and others countries of Asia, We still have principles that’s our products are assemble by hand or handmade Costume Jewelry who make with peoples who has talent from various small village in Bali. We always try to reach and help them to make job, throughout all our products are safety for environment and no effect for health because they make from natural materials as above mention.

As far as good We have good relationship craftsmen with wide network to many sourcing Costume jewelry, Accessories and Handicraft in Bali, even we try to make online of this Trading so it’s more efficiency us to find sourcing and cut our budgeting Costume jewelry to be competitive price with highest quality and design we offer to our buyer, Competitive and highest service now is our motivation to do this business with international market, we do also have good partnership with some Cargo Company in Bali to support our buyer.

We keep large inventory in various colors & designs in the very best & competitive

Our Home industry units are in Bali so we are able to provide the rock bottom
prices in sea shell, Bead Jewelry, wood, bones etc.

Prices are moderate and Negotiable, Almost all of products wholesale price less then 1.00 $ US, we take our products through all the various processes in the interest and safety of our customers because our Customers interest comes first.

We will appreciate it, if you could indicate your interest for the purchases in any of the above commodity so that an appraisal or FOB could be forwarded to you for an immediate study.

Your quick response will be highly appreciable.

Wholesale Custome Jewelry

Looking cheap Wholesale Custome Jewelry? Why not visit 14 Shop specialist handmade Wholesale Custome Jewelry the most selling for 99 % is handmade which has been assembled and formed by hand rather than through the use of with Indonesian craftsmen who they%u2019re come from various culture were so rich history with Archipelago as contemporary artisan and famous by hands creative, literally thousand design of Wholesale Custome Jewelry was displayed from many kind ethnic and materials such as sea shell, Paua shell, mother of pearl, bead, resin, wooded, bones, coconuts and much more natural models you can preview to arrange them for your profitable Wholesale Custome Jewelry.
We proud to stay in behind of their products and We will appreciate it, if you could indicate your interest of Wholesale Custome Jewelry for the purchases in any of the bellow commodity so that an appraisal or FOB could be forwarded to you for an immediate study.
Main Products

* Necklace bead with sea shell pendant various models
* Necklace bead with resin pendant various models
* Coconuts Necklace /cowrie various models
* Bead bracelet with pendant various models
* Bead bracelet various models
* Choker bracelet various models
* Wood Bangle brushed/ natural various models
* Bead belt with various models
* Shell pendant carving various models
* Earring Sea shell, wood, bones ,resin
* Handbags with various natural material, as following coconut, root, skin wood, banana skin, woven bamboo, mats, Etc.

14 Shop keep various designs in the very best & competitive of Wholesale Custome Jewelry
and still reasonable, to remaining our Home industry units are in Bali so we are able to provide the rock bottom
prices then others

So please give us a chance to serve you so that we can prove ourselves
Our prices are moderate and Negotiable, All of our Wholesale Custome Jewelry price less then 1.00 $ US, we take our products through all the various processes in the interest and safety of our customers because our Customers interest comes first.
Besides own products of Wholesale Custome Jewelry, 14 shop also be able to provide and guide you to many kind of handicrafts of many kind from sourcing Bali, Java Lombok or another province of Indonesia. We have a wide network for some areas and people craftsmen in Bali with talent they has throughout to be fit for you to specification products looking for, specialist and small factories across Java, Bali and Lombok Island
Interest place and products in Bali, Lombok or Java
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